MUSIC and Me…


Music… if there was anything that could make me go gaga, it was music. I love it so much; I became highly involved in the music industry. Although I left it after 10 years due to some issues I felt needed to be resolved, my love for music hasn’t left my system at all. Now, the issues that made me leave are that I am 30 and not married. I have had a lot of unstable relationships in the past and that made Nigerians look at me funny. This is also one of the reasons I left the industry. I was viewed as a freebie because I worked with musicians… some country we live in.

Anyways, my older sister was travelling and she asked me to stay in her house with her son. A young teenage boy with raging hormones needed an eye on him. He was also turning 18 so he was going to have a party and my sister was trying to have a second honeymoon after a bunch of years together.

I liked staying at theirs anyways, big house, cars, chef and everything… I didn’t need to struggle for nothing except look after a big baby… but I’m a nice aunty, I wasn’t about to spoil his party fun… so like the nice bad aunty I am, I made fruit punch, not too “alcoholly” but it was simply nice. Let them have their fun… its better here than in some dirty club.

Any who, the kids came rolling in for the birthday party, pool side and barbeque… not more than 30 people were invited. He wanted a low-key affair. I didn’t mind, I got them a DJ and servers. I went downstairs when the party was rocking and I saw the crowd out back. Not too many people like he said but them 18 year olds could get it! Some of them were so ripped and I was wearing a bikini top and shorts. I mean my body wasn’t all “modelly” but I was good… plum sized but good.

“You must be Jason’s aunt”

I turned around and saw a grown man’s body… a beautiful body. I was weak but then my mind slapped me to realization. He is probably just 18.

“Yes I am. You are?”

“You don’t know me?”

I looked at him again and now he did look kind of familiar. Oh snap! He was that new kid musician all these girls were going crazy about. I had made a comment to Jason that I loved his music and I wouldn’t mind seeing him. Jason must have told him.

“You’re the music kid, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m not a kid though.”

“Yes, kids always say that. Even when I was 18, I said that.”

“Well if you say so aunty.”

“Please just call me…”

“I refuse to be disrespectful and call you by name aunty and my name is Toyo”

“Are you guys having fun out there?” I looked outside the window, tiptoeing over the sink to get a better look and my mind just wondered to his face beside me and I saw this young man’s eyes on my butt. “Do you like what you see or you want me to strip?”

He immediately looked at me, well my face.

“I am so sorry aunty, please I apologize”

“Ok, do you want to go outside now?” he knew that wasn’t a question. He bowed his head but I saw a smirk on the side of his mouth and he turned around and went outside.

I went upstairs and laid on the balcony overlooking the pool. Just because I wasn’t trying to spy doesn’t mean I cannot watch them exclusively. I looked around to see if all was well and I spotted our music kid with like 5 females loving up on him. I laughed for a bit until I saw him looking up at me. The way he looked at me, I felt shivers in my spine and my clit as well. It was so darn sexy. Damn this probably 18 year old boy.

I looked away and like a minute later my eye wondered to his again and he was staring just as before. It was like he hadn’t moved his eyes at all. I couldn’t be having eye sex with a mental minor. I smiled and turned away. I thought to myself… TV could be a good option.

Ten minutes of watching what I don’t know and flipping DSTV channels, I felt horny as fuck. I hadn’t had sex in almost 2 years and the way this young man was looking at me gave me too many fucking ideas. I took my shorts off and I chilled in my bikini… I put my hands in my panties and I felt the wetness… if stares could make me cum I would have filled a bucket. I slowly took out my hands carefully touching my clit and I took in a deep breath. I needed to be fucked silly.

I laid on the couch face down and I screamed into a throw pillow. Damn this!

“Are you angry? Can I help?”

I looked up and I saw him staring down at me. As I tried to look at his face, his bulge in his trunks seemed to be in my way. The fuck…

I sat up so I could look in his face.

“What is your issue kid?”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 20 and you seem lonely. Besides, your nephew’s friends are not my kinda crowd.”

“Kinda crowd? What kind of crowd do you like to chill with?” I asked while he sat next to me.

“I’m usually in the company of older people… they make me feel mentally mature, helps with the music writing.”

I looked at him and I felt like he was an older person trapped in a younger body with a few years to him.

“Older people are not always mature.” I told him as I looked into his eyes. I saw that look from downstairs again… this young man was giving me the tingles in the right places… this was wrong.

“Look, go back downstairs. I’m supposed to be watching you not… go downstairs.”

“Not what?”

“Go downstairs!” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“I have seen you before. Long time ago. You still worked at the record company and I was 17… I thought you were the hottest thing ever.”

“Dude you need to…” and he kissed me. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t understand what was happening. My own nephew’s friend was kissing me and my knees were weak as fuck. I pushed him away.

“Now, what the hell do you think you are doing?”

He let go of me, turned around and locked the door that leads from the stairs. He turned back around, looked at me and touched his bulge. When I saw that bulge, my wetness doubled. This kid was no kid at all. This kid was a man. This kid was going to manly fuck me and I was going to shamelessly let myself be fucked.

He walked towards me and took one arm round my waist, he pulled me to him and his hard on poked between my legs.

“Shit…” I whispered to myself.

And he whispered back “merely looking into your eyes does that… I’m about to die of happiness with you.”

“This is wrong” I said in another whisper…

“Yes, but it’ll be right in a minute.”

He kissed me again and I wrapped my hands around his neck. He used his tongue to part my lips and I sucked on his tongue and then we had a tongue wrestle.

He grabbed my ass in a tight squeeze and I moaned in his mouth. Oh I loved how his hard dick rubbed on me… I could feel the size and wow… I was in for a tear tonight.

Before I could he had untied my bikini completely. I was naked… he pushed me down on the couch… I was speechless. He took off his trunk and showed me what he had and my mouth went open. He was packing… how could he even carry that? He was a good 9 inches or more. I was scared. I moved back a little and smacked my lips. I looked at his face while he saw the fear in my eyes.

“I promise, I won’t hurt you.”

He spread my legs apart and laid on me. He kissed me softly from my lips to my ear then down my jaw line. He took my nipples in his mouth. He treated each one like a candy with everlasting sweetness.

He kissed all the way down to my navel and then he got to my sex and kissed around it. Why would anyone be such a tease!

He parted my pussy lips and suctioned my clit into his mouth. I hadn’t even moaned once when he slipped his fingers into my pussy. I arched my back and grabbed his head… he was doing wonders… oh my… all the older woman shame was gone. All I knew was the pleasure this kid was bringing to me.

He sucked and drove his fingers deep. I moaned and clawed and vibrated until I came in his hands.

“Perfectly wet.” He whispered in my ears.

He put the tip of his monstrous divider by my pussy.

“Ready?” he looked me in the eyes as he said so. I wasn’t but I wouldn’t let this kid scare me. He pushed his dick in slowly and I wrapped my arms around him, piercing my nails into his back. The pleasure mixed with pain was an unbearable pleasure.

He moved out and slowly pushed his way back in. He slid into my pussy softly about 10 times until the pain disappeared and it was only pleasure I felt. He put his hands under me and scooped me up. He was sitting now and I was on him and now I could really feel his dick inside me. He pushed his hips up and I was about to run away but he held my waist down and he said: “I’m ready”

Before I knew what was going on he slammed into me and I screamed my moan.

“Oh my God… YES!”

He was pushing his hips as I was moving mine towards him. I pushed down as he pushed up and he pushed into my wet dripping pussy with no remorse.

“I’m cuming! Ah, shit!”

I wrapped my hands around his head as he took my nipple in his mouth. With one soft bite I was spreading my cum all over his dick and balls. He loved it because he kept pounding. I let go of his head and bent backwards until my head was near the floor. He still held me by the waist but he was hitting me harder with force. It was obvious my position was a stress but he was in it to make me keep vibrating and spilling juice. He was succeeding.

He stood up carrying me along and I started to move up and down on his dick. He supported me by grabbing my ass and I kept moving up and down with his help. I started kissing him as I wrapped my hands around his neck but I kept moving up and down.

He held me, we were swirling around, kissing uncontrollably until we got the wall next to the door which he locked. My back was on the wall, he whispered in my ear: “I’m gonna cum soon babe… cum one more time before I do, please.”

How can this kid be so sexy.

“Hit me hard” I whispered back and he obeyed.

He thrust into me with all the energy he had. He was tearing my pussy up! I screamed and moaned and begged but I loved every inch of him.

“Like that” he asked.

“YES! Don’t stop please!”

I felt all my energy come out through my pussy. I could barely hang on to him as I came and with 2 more thrusts into my orgasm he came a load and he grunted so loud and then he bit the top of my breast. He gave me a hickie… bastard…. Awesomely, sexy as fuck bastard.

We laid by the door, naked and spooning. We heard a knock and that startled me.

“Yes! Who is it?”

“It’s me aunty. Err, can you tell Toyo that his manager is looking for him.” OMG, my nephew!

“What? Toyo isn’t with me!” I slapped his trunk on his face and he started laughing.

“Ok but I have been standing here for about five minutes. I believe, I mean, I know he is there. It’s fine aunty! I love you!”

I covered my face in shame. Damn…

Toyo knelt next to me and he put his finger under my chin, lifting my head. I dropped my eyes and turned my face away.

“Look at me. I came here because of you. You nephew knows that. Also, let’s have dinner on me and a repeat of this too. Please.”

“You do know how old I am … I can’t do that. Sorry.”

“When you do change your mind, which you will because I will never stop asking… I’ll be here for you.” He kissed me on the head.

He wore his trunks, open the door and walked out.

I’m in so much shit… why didn’t he come in an older version? Should I go?

43 thoughts on “MUSIC and Me…

  1. You’ve to me some new tins no doubt but I gotta ask,fiction / non-fiction???? Coz
    1) U alwaz moan in d guys mouth…
    2) Alwaz pussy suckin 1st (wat abt dick sucking? Some guys also massage ur clit wit theirs dick 1st till u have ur 1st cum and bliv me its preti awesome.) I’m a chic, mix a bit
    3) U sim to alwaz cum thrice!! Wateva happen to seven / nine even???
    4)The sex in d car(nice) in a pool(gr8) on a roof top (un freaking blivable) oriental water bed(out of dis world)

    • but u can have ur own blog na… see me see wahala… lol just cuz u like it when u blog u will blog about it nearly all the time. u cum seven or nine times.. ok. i dont and its my blog. 🙂 oriental water bed… LMAO… im gettin u.

  2. Cuming to read this article for the second time. just cant stop thinking about this article. Rated pls hook a brother up with a clean chic. Would be grateful. 🙂

  3. OMG.. I love this more than others. Really mature… Couldn’t help commenting.. @NaughtyBunny Lol *showed Davido ur comment and he laffed *he said its kinna cute of yu 🙂

  4. I fucked a girl so hard, she won’t stop calling me. I am no lesbian buh seriously I know hw to make dem cum! @Ratederotic, hv u eva been fucked with a giant lollipop??? Hehe. U knw wia to find me if u want sum!!! *wink*. Nd guys seriously don’t sent out ur pin’s, send ur sister’s only if she’s cute nd clean downstairs…

  5. This is a classic. A very mature writing.keep it up. Age is number. If the Chemistry is there, then it’s good to go. Thumbs up sweetie.

  6. Wow Writer !!! This is an amazing read , I am into this type of exotic writings but prefer the audio in some instance.
    It would be great to have this written into a short book or some kind of audio thing and market on amazon , audible or iTunes !!!
    This is a daring read for naija aunties and uncles with only the westernise or wild creative ones reading that book. I honestly think you can reach the young tech urban savvy audience with this type of editorial content. Good luck and please share any more content you may have with us in the near future.

    Add some pictures or have artist illustrate to take your readers on that rollercoster sensual ride .

  7. HULL YEAH!!! Why you still asking??? I mean, that young blood gave you TWO FREAKING ORGASMS and you still unsure??? YOU BERRA GO REFUCK THAT NIGGA GURL!

    HAHA! Nice post yo!

  8. I don’t know why I always set myself up… I am in a board meeting reading this….I’ve been crossing and uncrossing my legs…..damn….nice one

  9. Omg, this is by far ur best story yet. I kept picturing Davido in my head thou! I wish so bad this 2 be real, am bored wif sucking pussy. I need a major dick factor in my life.

  10. Its cool tho. . The Lord wud be our strength tis new yr!!! Enuf cumin for the ladies… And lastly, least I forget, I also learnt som vital ish on tis article apart frm the sex thang… “matured mindsets”. . Kudos erotic ßoo

  11. Nice way to start the new year, my left hand was down my shorts as I read it, since I started reading ur blog hc bn gtn ideas…

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